iPhone5专用发光后盖 R-SIM15,R-SIM14,GPP,GEVEY,HEICARD,HEISIM,RSIM 10,RSIM11+,RSIM 9 PRO mini air Unlock,iPhoneX,iPhone8,Firmware,Any version, No jailbreak
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R-Light Miliky Case for iPhone 5 specification:

1. The LED LOGO will light automatic when calling and MMS, it supports the WCDMA3G, GSM2G, CDMA3G.

2. Specially material, Fashion design, it will not only make your iPhone more beautiful, but also can protective your iPhone.

3. Singal remind. When your iPhone is in mute model, our Miliky case will remind you there is a calling or message come in.

4. Fully protective your iPhone

This Miliky case adopts the USA most high frequency LED flash technology, when your iPhone are calling or MMS, from the signal induction, the LED LOGO will light, and this light will penetrate the case, it looks very beautiful, and it also will protective your iPhone.

Product name: R-Light. English name: Miliky Case.

Product dimensions : 120X60X11mm

Product package: Crystal package(Neutral, no logo and no company name)

Package size : 140X80X20mm

Weight: 0.09KG