RSIM6 Unlock Sim for iPhone5 (IOS 7.0) R-SIM15,R-SIM14,GPP,GEVEY,HEICARD,HEISIM,RSIM 10,RSIM11+,RSIM 9 PRO mini air Unlock,iPhoneX,iPhone8,Firmware,Any version, No jailbreak
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RSIM6 Unlock Sim for iPhone5 (IOS 7.0)

        In the R-SIM unlocking service area,RGKNSE team will continue to provide a more stable,simplified operation,high quality and inexpensive,high valued unlock card.After the coming ofthe unlock card for 4S,the iphone funs appreciate it so much.the sale is leader in the market.Once the genuine R-SIM 6 is being produced,the peak of the unlock sim card would be once again lifted with creative packaging,new multi-national operators test stand test and mosy of all,to help us better doing promotions and sales in the international stage.
The subsidiary of RGKNSE's new brand is "SAMSIM"which will continue to provide us service in the foreign trade platform and domestic Taobao.SAMSIM-that is the unlock sim card for iphone5!The powerful functions of this card are as follow:
1.Unlock your locked-iphone 5 easily,gsm + wcdma without jailbreak.
2.Adpot the most stable and the most energy efficient microcontroller ic-f981
3.Equiped the perfect alloy card slot freely(the card slot is of unique design.the groove in the middle is redesigned on the original so it can put in any SIM card without sanding).

Note:We had tried the original card slot in the R-SIM6,put SIM card and the so-called thin-film card stickers in the original card slot,but 75% of the Sim cards without sanding are a little tight even cannot be inserted.if you add the card sticker,it's not fitable(card sticker weights 10G+normal one NANO SIM card 10G,which is beyond 20G of the nano sim card for iphone5.More than 10G can be calculated accurately.20G is completely incompatible).So the R-SIM6 uses the modified card slot.

4.Simplified operation procedures,after choosing the operators,you can shut down the iphone directly.It was built-in multi-national carriers.
5.Yellow, black, white, 3 color PCB optional.
6.Surfing the internet perfectly:2G+3G+4G
7.Overcoming any card stickers stably (R-SIM is an old brand of foreign trade.its products are admitted and trusted,the after-sale service is pretty good.)
8.Without dialing 112 complicated waiting mode to calculate time.
9.Support iOS6-6.x
10.Quality goods and reasonable price.we give the agent appropriate time to adjust the price, wish to arrive win-win cooperation!

Here are a few physical map for appreciation and sales promotion,foreign trade infomation are as follow:

GSM+WCDMA+CDMA(2G+3G+4 iPhone5Unlock:
True Plug-and-Play Unlock with no Jailbreak required(R-SIM6 OR SAMSIM)
Unlocks GSM iPhone 5 on iOS6.0~6.X
Works with Modem Firmware (iphone5 all)
Works with all iPhone 5 SIM Cards
No SIM Card Cutting or Physical Modifications
No Need to Dial International Emergency Number 112
Decreased Power Consumption
Custom SIM Tray Included
True Plug-and-Play Unlock Turbo SIM for GSM iPhone5
Unlock your GSM iPhone 5 with the re-engineered R-SIM6 GSM +WCDMA turbo SIM. Our new technology takes advantage of a new exploits that fully unlock your GSM iPhone5 It’s true plug-and-play functionality with no jailbreak required for your GSM iPhone 5, so just pop it in and start calling.

Beware of counterfeit R-SIM6 or SAMSIM products claiming to use tbetter chip set and selling for less than our rock bottom pricing. Most people won’t be able to tell the difference by visual inspection, but some cheaper, larger chips used in counterfeit solutions are sanded, cut, or polished to fit into your iPhone 5. These solutions expose sensitive electronic components and are notoriously prone to overheating, short-circuit, and breakage.

Guaranteed Better Reception than Last Generation Unlocking Solutions
Now that we no longer take advantage of the old exploits, we’ve re-engineered the r-sim6 GSM for enhanced signal strength with strong, consistent voice and data communication. Now there is no compromise in reception when choosing genuine R-SIM products.
No Need to Dial International Emergency Number 112
There is now no need to dial the international emergency number (112) during installation or when rebooting your iPhone 5. Our learning technology allows for true plug-and-play iPhone 5 unlock solution.Beware of solutions that require you to dialing an emergency number. This may violate telecommunication abuse policies and may lead to service cancellation on some networks.

Decrease Power Consumption
The new chip set in our newr-sim6 GSM+WCDMA+CDMA is engineered to operate under the 3-volt standard. That means your battery will last just as long as it would without the R-SIM6 or SAMSIM.
Beware of counterfeit solutions claiming to use a similar chip set. We’ve invested the time and money to engineer our new R-SIM6 with better power efficiency. This kind of technology can’t be duplicated or implemented on cheaper chip sets.


R-SIM6 Operation Instructions


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